Join the Swedish Deerhound Club


As a member you will get our magazine three times a year along with the annual membership list.

Don't forget to pay your membership fee before the 31st of May to ensure getting the membership list!

Membership fees

Family member: 50SEK/year
Puppy membership (gift): 100SEK for one year
Membership fee to IBAN: SE90 9500 0099 6026 0887 9546, BIC: NDEASESS

NOTE! Be sure to write your full name and address on the payment. When you become a member you also agree to have your personal information saved and published in our membership list. Don't forget to send an email to the cashier with other information you want to be published in the membership list, such as email address and/or phone number and also the name of your current deerhound(s). If you do not agree to have your information published, you need to contact our cashier and let us know! 

Other countries
Family member 5€/year
IBAN: SE90 9500 0099 6026 0887 9546
City: Stockholm