If you are a breeder and member in the Swedish Deerhound Clun you can send your info about matings to Maarit Viitala, phone +46 220-177 60, +46 730-96 97 27, e-mail: maarit.viitala@hotmail.com

Rules for publishing matings and puppies on our website:
The ad is shown on our website for two months. If you still want to have your ad on the website after two months, you need to contact webmaster. You may also send photos of the parents.

Undimoon  Sverige-Sweden-icon

Erja & Thomas Warell
Etelhem Hageby 839, 623 74 Stånga
Phone +46 70-2864144, +46 498-494916
Website: www.undimoon.com
E-mail: undimoon@hotmail.com

Deerhound puppies born 2018 - 07 -21, 3 + 5 puppies, price: 18000SEK
e. SE48142/2016 SE UCH. Lilac Wind Modjo To Galerita
u. SE10112/2015 NORDJV - 15 SE UCH. NO UCH. DK UCH. Necesse's Bona Patria

Lawtons  Sverige-Sweden-icon

Stefan Hagstedt
Fromtorpsgatan 32, 147 92 Grödinge
Phone +46 70-4567400
Website: www.lawtons.se
E-mail: lawtonsdeerhound@hotmail.com

20180816 3+9 puppies born
e.SBIS BIS SV-17 SE UCH Lehigh Impressario For Champhurst
u.SeUCH FI UCH FIJW-15 Lawtons Depolina Duracell